Our Program

Our Program

Everything that happens inside of the Day Care is a learning experience! We have two or more circle times that include stories, songs, finger plays, and movement activities. Circle time includes open-ended art activities and crafts, dramatic play activities, blocks, alphabets, shapes and colors, counting, literacy, STEM, games, and puzzles. The children have outdoor play twice daily (we have a fenced-in yard with lots of fun equipment). On cold days, indoor activities are encouraged.

Other activities include Cooking/Baking, Gardening, Nature Learning, and more. Hummingbirds Child Care believes in play-based learning.  In this program, we hope that your child attains lifelong learning experiences.

Take a look at some of our special programs below.

Toddler Chess

Our program is non-competitive and focuses on basic chess and its principles. We aim to boost self-esteem and confidence, teach sportsmanship and strengthen concentration.


During the Spring and Summertime, children get to plant and grow fruits and vegetables in the backyard Garden.

Nature Program

One of our favorite programs, is where we partner with the Greenburgh Nature Center for Animal Outreach. Children get to interact with animals.


Our interactive STEM program includes the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math. We enjoy creating activities that are enjoyable and educational.

Computer Technology

Our Technology Program is designed to increase fine motor skills, finger dexterity, visual motor skills, bilateral coordination, and more.

Culinary Arts

This program provides preschoolers with hands-on cooking experiences. Our program focuses on developing social and life skills as the children work together.